Man living in airport for 14 years to avoid wife!

Man living in airport for 14 years to avoid wife!

Do your parents ever nag you? Working from home getting a bit annoying when you moved back? And have you ever come to a boiling point where you thought 'you know what? I'm going to move out'.

Well, one man has done exactly that, and he has taken it to the extreme!

Wei Jianguo has lived in an airport for almost 14 years, 5,151 days to be exact.

Mr. Jianguo moved into Beijing Capital International Airport sometime in 2008 simply to get away from his family.


The Chinese native made the move because he "wanted to smoke and drink without his family bothering him" and also had difficulty finding a job.


According to, Wei Jianguo, who is in his late 50s, has stayed at the airport on and off, where he resides at Terminal 2.

Speaking to the publication in 2018, Mr. Jianguo says he cannot go back to his home because of the lack of freedom there.

His home, where his wife and her parents live, is only around 20 kilometers from the airport.

He told that his family said if we wanted to stay in the house he had "to quit smoking and drinking", which Mr. Jianguo was not willing to do.


After getting fired from his job, the Chinese man decided to stop looking for employment in his early 40s which led to him falling out with his family.

This led to Wei sleeping rough for a period of time, he stayed at train stations and at the airport, where he settled at Terminal 2 in Beijing Capital International Airport as "there's nowhere warmer than here".

Wei Jianguo is still believed to live at Terminal 2 to this day.

In 2017, the Daily Mail UK released a video, showcasing Mr. Jianguo's day-to-day routine.

Image: Beijing