Man loses his dead dad's ashes on nine hour bender

Man loses his dead dad's ashes on nine hour bender
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A man in the U.K. has gone viral after losing his dead father's ashes while drunk.

Stan Blade asked his stepmother if he could take his Dad's ashes to Southend beach to have a "beach day" with his deceased father.

He said on Tiktok "I thought it would be funny to be like 'day on the beach with my Dad' and then put him on the dodge'em cars and the big wheel. She didn't want me to do it and I done it anyway"

@stanstoks Lost my dad’s ashes and step mums not happy ! #FindStansDad #stanstoks #stanblade #rip ♬ original sound - S T A N B L A D E !


Appearing red-faced and noticeably inebriated in the video, Stan explains why he lost his father's remains and needs help to locate them:

"I got really drunk and I've lost the ashes. I'm being serious, I've lost my dead Dad down Southend seafront."

According to The Metro, 39-year-old Stan had put his father's remains in a Tesco plastic bag, but then ran into some old friends, and things got a bit out of hand. After a nine-hour pub crawl, Stan misplaced the bag containing his father's ashes and asked his Tiktok and Instagram followers for help to locate them.

Stan's father passed away in 2011 aged 60, and his stepmother was understandably furious with him. "Are you ready to see the funny side yet?" Stan asks in the video. "Not really no, f***ing had them ashes f*****g 12 years, I told you not to take them to the seafront." she replies.


Stan has now updated his Instagram to say he has located his father's remains:


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That was one adventurous father-son beach trip.