Parents accuse Peppa Pig of turning kids into 'brats'

Parents accuse Peppa Pig of turning kids into 'brats'
Peppa Pig

Parents in the US are accusing Peppa Pig of turning their kids into 'brats'.

A number of parents have complained to The Wall Street Journal, saying that the cartoon character's behaviour is rubbing off on their children.

They say that Peppa is a 'bully' who 'fat-shames' her father.

While one parent said the cartoon pig is 'rude, bossy, a liar, tattle-tale and more', another said she was rude to people, including her friends.


One contributor to the article said she noticed alarming behaviours from her five-year-old in recent months.

Her son replied 'Ew! Yuck!' when offered food, and told their neighbour he had a 'big tummy', something often heard on the show.

The show has been running for 20 years, and in 2019, the franchise was acquired by Hasbro for $3.8 billion.

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