Penneys branded 'hugely sexist' for childrens clothes range

Penneys branded 'hugely sexist' for childrens clothes range

Primark and Penneys has come under fire for selling 'hugely sexist' clothes for children.

It follows a series of tweets from user Kate Long, who started a thread showcasing the different messages printed on boys' and girls' clothing.


The novelist has called out the popular clothing retail giant in the UK for telling boys to be 'winnners' while telling girls to 'be kind'.

Mrs. Long started her thread with a number of photos from the Girls Aged 7-15 Years Section in a Primark store in Chester.

Branded on the clothing, is messages and phrases like 'LOVE', 'Keep On Smiling' and 'Be Good'.



After several images posted on the girl's range of clothing, Mrs. Long says the message this conveys to young girls is to little girls is to "be compliant and passive for that is your job in the world."

The best-selling author also took a stroll through the boy's section in Primark, where again she tweeted several images of the slogan written on some of the clothing.

One word phrases like 'POWER', 'LIMITLESS', and 'CHAMPION' can be seen on jumpers and t-shirts.

Quotes likes 'YOU ARE LIMITLESS', 'EXPLORE. NOTHING HOLDING YOU BACK', and CHANGE THE GAME. REWRITE THE RULES. GO FOR IT. BORN TO WIN.' are what Kate Log thinks is a different narrative being told for boys when compared to the girl's clothing.

Mrs. Long ended her thread while tagging Primark, saying:

"Can anyone spot a difference in tone here? A difference in narrative? Boys are awesome in themselves and don't need to consider anyone else. Boys are about *doing* and girls are about *feeling*. Boys take what they want; girls consider others."

Mrs. Long added that the phrases on the clothing are 'incredibly sexist, outdated and unhelpful to both boys and girls'.

Other users have also spotted similar messages in other retail outlets such as Morrisons and Tescos.

What do you think, is the clothing range here in Ireland telling an 'outdated' narrative for young boys and girls?

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