Single or attached- use these apps to ramp up your sex life

Single or attached- use these apps to ramp up your sex life
Credit:Nataliya Vaitkevich-Pexels

Sex in the digital age is certainly diverse - it can be daunting, but a lot of digital tools can actually enhance your sex life.

Below is our guide to apps that will set your pulse racing, with options for single people and couples alike. Who doesn't want a bit more spice in their life?


"Nothing is taboo with Kindu". This app is for couples or partners to increase their intimacy by adding some spontaneity to sex. You and your partner both create a private profile and swipe yes or no on ideas for the bedroom. The idea is to discover some naughty suggestions you would both like to try



Single but missing some spicy action? Headero is a great place to find a partner for some steamy texting. Its specific focus is on oral pleasure and it's super inclusive, welcoming all sexual orientations and genders. You can also label your profile "Chat Only" so there is no expectation to meet in real life, you can just enjoy some saucy wordplay.



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Getting bored of the same routine with your other half? Desire is designed to make your date night more fun, with games that push you to make adult fun into a competitive game. You each send each other saucy dares and earn points for completing your dare. Couples say it helps them to build desire throughout the workday, and they can't wait to get home and complete some of the challenges for real


Do you find yourself a little lost when it comes to sex and relationships? Juicebox is the app for you. It acts as a virtual guide to the world of sexual relationships, it even allows you to practice sexting with a virtual partner. You can also avail of one-to-one coaching with professional sex and relationships coach



Sex toy brand Zalo has an app that connects to its handheld massager. It's great for long-distance relationships as you can use the app for some physical fun with your partner. You can also send your partner saucy messages while using the massager, or even set the toy to a song to add friskiness to your favourite beats. If you're into video play too, the video chat feature is far superior to Facetime or Skype.


Similar to the above, Honi is aimed at couples who want to be more playful with their routine. You can get to know your partner more through their challenges and quizzes, or also discover fantasies you might share




Credit: Nataliya Vaitkevich Pexels

Kama is the app for everyone. Aimed at enhancing your sexual wellness, kama has hundreds of tutorials, video guides and educational resources for you to understand sex and relationships, and learn how to take care of that aspect of your health. Whether you're young and new to sex or older, and attempting to navigate sex and menopause, Kama is the place for you to remould your relationship with your sexuality.


Admittedly, this is a dating app, however, it could open doors for your sexual well-being. Feeld is described as an app for "open-minded people to meet like-minded people". It particularly focuses on enabling people to arrange group experiences, whether in a couple or unattached. Much like Tinder or other apps, you will swipe potential partners and explore options relating to group experiences. Of course, it is advised to ensure you are safe if meeting a person or couple offline; consider having a video chat to get to know potential partners first, and always inform someone of your plans if meeting a prospective match