Woman exposes boyfriend's disgusting bedroom habit

Woman exposes boyfriend's disgusting bedroom habit

A young woman has shared how her boyfriend only washes his sheets twice a year.

The woman revealed that she was in a relationship with her man for two years before moving in together with him but that lasted only five months.

According to the woman. the disgusting behaviour led to their break up as she ‘moved out and dumped him’.

The horrified ex-girlfriend wrote on Reddit: ‘I can’t be the only one who think this is absolutely disgusting right? Every two months is already really gross. Only twice a year is just f**king nasty.’


The boyfriend would ‘freshen up’ his bed sheets ‘by spraying Febreeze on them and saw zero problem with this’ and this she said led to breakouts on her face.

‘No wonder my face was always breaking out after sleeping over at his place,’ she added.

She pointed out that they lived in a hot climate and ‘would have sex almost every day (at least before he killed [her] sex drive) so [their sheets] got pretty ripe by the end of the week’.

This alone, while pretty gross wouldn’t have been the death of the relationship on its own, but his refusal to change his ways was what caused a major issue.


He told her over text: ‘They don’t need to be washed every week. You’re just creating more work for me… If you want something done a certain way, you have to do it then.’

When the girlfriend replied saying she didn’t want to sleep in a bed with musty sheets, her now ex suggested the couch and said: ‘Keep being controlling then and see how it works out for our relationship.’

In an attempt to solve the problem she bought two more sheet sets during their relationship to cut down on the frequency they needed to be washed.

But her boyfriend ‘still refused to make the bed on the principal that “it wasn’t even dirty”’.


She added: ‘Also regarding the laundry detergent, he would dump about six to seven loads worth for a single load. We were constantly running out.

‘I moved to tide pods to try to get him to stop, but then I caught him throwing a handful in. I had to get my own separate bottle because of how expensive it was.

‘This was only the tip of the iceberg too. He also never flushed the toilet. I would walk in and be greeted by his massive dumps. Or step in p**s soaked tile.’

She shared that a red flag she missed prior to them moving in together was his use of the ‘messy roommate excuse’.

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