Woman goes viral with 'rules' for successful first date

Woman goes viral with 'rules' for successful first date

A woman on TikTok has gone viral for sharing her 'rules' to nail that first date

Eli Rallo has shared her 15 tips for the first encounter with her 500,000 followers and some of them are a little unusual.

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1. Date on a Thursday


The first thing Eli suggests is to schedule your first date on a Thursday. This way, you can ask your date about their weekend plans and secure a second date for the weekend. Then you can decide how you feel about them before a new week begins, she says.

2. Pre-game

Eli encourages you to "get pumped" by having 1.5 glasses of your beverage of choice. If you don't like to drink alcohol before a date, she suggests having a glass and a half of any beverage, e.g. Diet Coke.

3. Listen to Ari


Eli says Ariana Grande's music is key to getting yourself psyched for a date. 'God is a Woman' will just same you feel good before a date, she says.

4. Don't become a penpal

Eli says you do not need to be texting a potential date all day every day before you meet them. It's better not to be a pen pal and actually get to know your date in person.

5. Plan dates when your friends have dates


Having a first date the same night as your pals makes it all more fun. You're all "pre-gaming" together and it makes the experience more enjoyable when you all come home and "re-group" for updates.

6. Bevvies are king

Having a drink to sip on will make you feel less nervous. Eli says if you're not having alcohol, even having a coffee cup to hold will give your hands something to do, and make you feel more comfortable.

7. Wardrobe

Eli recommends the "Canadian tuxedo" for spring/summer dates. i.e jeans/denim shorts, with a denim jacket and a cute top underneath.In winter she recommends the "f me sweater". "It's the sweater that screams "f me"-one that makes you feel confident, but look really soft and huggable," she says.

8. Don't add them to your contacts

There is no need to have that date waste space in your phone until you're in third date territory.

9. Maniuplation games

Eli recommends "manipulating" your date a little with the following tactics. "Straight men fall in love with you in the time they spend away from you, she says, "so have an incredible first date and then leave. Give the guy the time to think about you, and fall in love with you." Women, on the other hand, fall in love through sex and intimate conversation, says Eli. So if you're on a date with a woman, converse with her to win her over.

10. Shared trauma

Your first date personality is always going to be a little subdued, says Eli. She recommends you share one comedic "trauma" story to give them an appetiser-to show them what's coming

11. Sharing is caring

Eli's drink of choice for a first date is a "spicy sexy margarita". She also suggests you share your food with your date as this makes everyone more comfortable

12. Texting after the date

If the person pays for the date, thank them in person, not over text says Eli. Do not text them after the date unless they have said "text me when you're home"

13. Conversation savers

If you run out of conversation topics ask them some generic questions like "what are your top 5 favourite albums?" or "what would you bring to a deserted island?"

14. Thumbs up rule

Go to the bathroom at some point and send a thumbs-up emoji to your pal/parent etc to let them know all is ok.

15. After the date

Make tentative plans with your pals for after the date. This way you have somewhere to go if you don't want to stay on the date-if it goes really well, you can always cancel on them!