Woman reveals secret hack for a girl to chat up a guy

Woman reveals secret hack for a girl to chat up a guy
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Will you shift my friend?

When it comes to flirting, it's usually men who approach women, with a poor chat up line or an offer of a drink.

But research has revealed 75% of men are afraid to chat up a woman, so what can a gal do if her crush is too shy? Fortunately one Tiktoker has offered a simple hack to flirt with a guy you find attractive.

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New Yorker Meg Mackenzies begins her flirting tutorial by saying this only works "if they're sitting at the bar or near the bar"

Meg says that you should lean against the bar to order a drink. You should not acknowledge the guy you're interested in, but play on your phone or look around while waiting to be served. When the bartender asks for your order, you non-nonchalantly turn to the guy you're interested in and say "what are you drinking?". That's all you say.

Meg says that its crucial not to begin a conversation here, but simply tell the bartender that you'll take two of the same drink.

The next part is the tricky bit. "Most people, this is where they mess up" says Meg. "Don't start a conversation with the guy. Look around like you're looking for your friends. When the bartender finally brings over your drinks, you just slide the other one over to the guy and you say 'have a good night.' Then you WALK AWAY."


The Tiktoker claims that this cool-headed approach works every time. "This leaves a man baffled, they don't know what to do," says Meg. I guarantee that the man, at some point in the night is going to come over and thank you for the drink, or start talking to you."

The video has now been viewed over 3.5 million times, and the reaction is mixed. "I'll be testing this, I'll be back" wrote one follower. "I tried this last night and it did NOT work," said another. "He had already paid his bill. I got him a beer. He finished it and then left."

Would you dare try it?

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