10 of the the most valuable records that might just be in your attic

10 of the the most valuable records that might just be in your attic

What house in Ireland doesn't have a dusty cardboard box filled with vinyl tucked away in the attic?

Granted, the bulk of them are probably your grandparents Joe Dolan LPs, but there might be the odd gem tucked away up there...

With vinyl now more popular than ever and with second-hand prices on the rise, it's the perfect time to take a look at the most valuable records out there.

That why we've teamed up with Kilkenny's Rollercoaster Records ahead of Saturday's Record Store Day to bring you the ultimate vinyl finds.


First, a little rule setting. We're not including signed records - it's obvious that these fetch a higher price. Instead, we ranking our records based on rarity and pure desirability.

10. Sex Pistols, God Save The Queen (Withdrawn Version), €15,000 | This 7" is a regular feature in rarity lists. Just 25,000 copies were pressed before the label’s owner tore up the punk's contract six days before release.

9. Prince, Black Album, €35,000 | Also cancelled just one week prior to release, the surfacing of five of these ultra-rare original pressings made international headlines in 2017.

8. Aphex Twin, Windowlicker (Test Pressing), €40,000 | Limerick-born IDM pioneer is the only Irish entry on our list. The single went on to top NME's single of the year list in 1999.


7.  Jimi Hendrix, Live at Woburn Music Festival, €52,000 | Unheard until it appeared at Christie's in 2008.

6. The Beatles, 'Til There Was You, €80,000 | The holy grail for Beatles collectors, this 10" is regarded as the record that launched The Beatles.

5. The Beatles, Yesterday and Today (Butcher Sleeve Version) €110,000 | One of those all-time great 'what were they thinking' moments. Understandably, The Beatles holding dismembered dolls while donned in butcher overalls was too much for 1960's England. The label spent €250,000 withdrawing and destroying all copies. Those that survived are worth serious money.

4. The Quarrymen, That'll be the Day €220,000 | Beatles pre-cursor The Quarrymen covered Buddy Holly in 1958, making it the first pressing to feature Lennon, McCartney & Harrison.


3. Elvis, My Happiness €265,000 | Pressed in 1953, Elvis' first record cost just $4 to record.

2. The Beatles, White Album, First Pressing €700,000 | Bearing the number 0000001, Ringo Star sold his copy in 2015. We'd bet other super early serial numbers could be worth nearly as much

1. Wu Trang Clan, Once Upon a Time in Shaolin, €1.7 million | Okay, it's unlikely you'll find this in your attic. Limited to just one copy, it was nabbed by big pharma bro Martin Shkreli for an eye-watering $2 million dollars.

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