South East family appeal for help in finding missing pet Timmy the Tortoise

South East family appeal for help in finding missing pet Timmy the Tortoise

A Wexford family is appealing to the public for help in locating their beloved pet Timmy.

The pet tortoise who has been with it's owner for over 50 years, has gone missing.

Lou O'Brien bought Timmy for six shillings and sixpence in a pet shop when she was just ten years old.

He went missing two weeks ago from her back garden in Wellingtonbridge, County Wexford.


People in the area are being asked to keep an eye out for Tommy and to get in touch with Lou if  they spot him.

Ms O'Brien said this is not the first time Timmy went missing.

He disappeared without a trace for an extended period of time back in 1972.

"He went missing for months.


"He actually hibernated somewhere for the winter  and when the Spring came he came out and somebody from my hometown of New Ross at the time found him and we got him back."

In an online appeal last week, Lou said: "This is my Tortoise Timmy.

"He went missing from our garden near the GAA pitch in Barrystown/ Grantstown in Wellington Bridge.

"We are heartbroken not knowing where he is.


"Could people in the area please keep an eye out for him? Probably in a nearby field somewhere


"Would really appreciate it. 52 years I have him. Just want him home. Thank you."

Experts online have shared their tortoise finding tips that may be able to assist the public is tracking down Timmy.

According to "Look around and under rocks and vegetation; anywhere the tortoise may have burrowed down out of sight.

"Tortoises lost in a house will normally seek out a dark spot underneath something.

"So carefully inspect under furniture and appliances, and any place where the tortoise could have squeezed through."

Pet tortoises are popular pets for many people since they are quiet but they can live a very long time.

People are being advised if they take one in as a pet to be prepared to provide a lifetime of care and to consider that the pet might even outlive you.