Tipp landlord threatens to kill tenant in shocking video shared online

Tipp landlord threatens to kill tenant in shocking video shared online

Social media sites have seen a shocking video which left viewers stunned showing a Co. Tipperary landlord threatening to kill their tenant.

The video shows a landlord physically attacking a tenant where he also threatens to kill the man if he doesn't pay for an alleged broken door.

The footage has been shared on several social media sites, including WhatsApp.

The landlord can be heard shouting at a tenant inside a building saying "you're getting the f*** out, either that way or through the window" while pointing downwards at the top of a staircase.


The landlord appears to have some sort of metal/wooden bar in his hands during the video, holding it like a weapon, and in the early seconds of the video, he can be seen putting it against the man's neck and shoving him up against a wall.

Another man can also be seen in the video, who appears to live in the apartment too.

While the landlord has the first man up against the wall with the metal/wooden bar, he points to the second man and says "you're next!"

Later in the video, the tenant is pulled back into the apartment by the landlord, and thrown onto a couch.


The landlord is demanding money from the tenant, for an alleged broken door.

The tenant can be heard saying "we don't need to fight" to which the landlord replies "go get money and get out".

The landlord is seen to be in a rage, constantly asking for money, and when the tenant tries to stand on his feet, the landlord shoves him back down on the couch and says "shut the f*** up, I'll kill you".

The video was shared online, with one user saying it was "very difficult to watch" while tagging Gardaí in a tweet demanding this man be in handcuffs.


In a statement to Beat News about the video, Gardaí say:

"An Garda Síochána are aware of a video circulating on social media and are making enquiries in relation to it. An Garda Síochána has not received a report of any incident which occurred in the Nenagh district matching the contents of this video."

"An Garda Síochána would encourage anyone who feels they have been the victim of a crime to report the matter directly to An Garda Síochána and not to 3rd parties or on social media."