Tipperary teen begins weekly protest at government buildings for people with autism

Tipperary teen begins weekly protest at government buildings for people with autism
Photos: Inspiration by Cara Darmody

A teenage girl is protesting outside Government Buildings this morning calling for improved services for people with autism.

13-year-old Cara Darmody from Tipperary is planning to travel to the Dáil every week for a demonstration.

She says that she will do so every week until the General Election is held.

She has two brothers with autism and says services in the country are severely lacking.


"The previous two Taoiseachs promised me that they would make change for austism assessments and services but that did not happen. They did not comply with their promise."

She said that she is committed to protesting every week to improve the services for people with autism in Ireland.

"Now, I am going to come up here because I cannot rely on the adults in the room any longer to make change. I will protest outside Leisnter House and the Taoiseach's department once a week, every single week until the next General Election."

In a post on social media this morning on the 'Inspiration by Cara Damody' page, they confirmed the protest began this morning with the caption: "We are live from outside the Taoiseach's Department!!!".

Leaving Cert Exams


People would know Cara Darmody from previous activism for autism services in Ireland.

Last year, the primary school student sat the Leaving Cert maths exams.

The 12-year-old also made headlines in 2022 after sitting the Junior Cert maths exam to raise awareness and funds for children with disabilities in her local schools.

She's using her newfound platform to give insights into what life is like at home.


In 2023, she became the youngest person to address a Dáil committee, when she told a Joint Committee on Autism Policy that the lack of services for Autistic children “is a crisis and a national disgrace.”

Fore more information, check out her social media page on Facebook titled 'Inspiration by Cara Damrody'.

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