The Beast unleashed by Beat for agency roadshow

The Beast unleashed by Beat for agency roadshow
The Beast was unleashed at the agency roadshow in Dublin Photo Conor McCabe

Beat 102-103 embarked on an advertising agency roadshow in Dublin to showcase its brand-new product offering.

This is the first time a regional, youth music radio station in Ireland has invested in an Outside Broadcast Unit.

Up to now, promotional, outdoor, live broadcast vehicles in Ireland have been synonymous with local and national radio stations.

The project was managed by Beat’s engineer, Dean Robinson.  He highlights that “the vehicle requires no power supply, is totally self-sufficient with solar panels the latest addition which have improved sustainability”.


Beat 102103 outdoor broadcasting unit. OB unit, the Beast

The-Beast is Beat's outside broadcast unit

The OB unit is kitted out with 3 Mobile 5G broadband, and Vodafone 5G broadband. In the unlikely event that coverage is poor in a specific location, the default back up is the much talked about, Elon Musk owned Starlink satellite broadband.

Beat has already been announced as the leading radio station in the South East, per the latest JNLR report.


After a competitive tender process to select the company that would design this innovative new station offering, Neworld won the contract.

Beat’s CEO Gabrielle Cummins has praised the award-winning national brand design company for once again exceeding the Beat Brief. “Pat Kingsley and the team at Neworld devised Beat’s original logo twenty years ago, they reimagined Beat’s brand identity in 2016 and now this, the brilliant Beat Beast”.

The Beast can now be booked. Photo: Conor McCabe


The promotions team at Beat is led by Solutions Manager Claire Rowe who is confident The Beast will become its own iconic brand, in the South East of Ireland, with time.

Claire is looking forward to presenting this new commercial offering to Beat’s loyal client base including 162,000 loyal weekly listeners and added “our clients are always looking for new ways to grab the attention of their customers so with the Beat Beast we know we can create an even greater stir than what they’ve come to expect from partnering with Beat over the last two decades”.

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