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NPHET member expresses concern about easing restrictions this month

NPHET member expresses concern about easing restrictions this month

A member of NPHET is expressing concern about plans to ease almost all restrictions on October 22nd.

It comes as Covid cases have increased by 43 per cent over the past week, with 2,066 reported yesterday.

NPHET is to meet on Monday to decide whether to give the go-ahead for measures to ease on Friday week.

Dr Mary Favier says she has concerns about the impact this could have.



Meanwhile, the Taoiseach says a decision is expected in the coming days on the further rollout of booster Covid vaccines.

Micheál Martin told his parliamentary party last night they'll be rolled out 'without delay' as soon as NIAC makes a decision.

They're already recommended for all over-80s, and over-65s in nursing homes.


It comes as new figures show 300,000 adults haven't come forward for their first vaccine.

Incidence rate

Carlow has the highest weekly rate of Covid-19 in Ireland with 405.7 per 100,000 people.

New figures from the latest weekly epidemiology report also show that Waterford has the second highest incidence rate of the virus, with 404.6 per 100,000.


Elsewhere in the South East, Kilkenny, Wexford and Tipperary all have the lowest rates in the country with 131, 143.6 and 146 per 100,000 people respectively.

New figures also show that Carlow has the youngest median age of people who have contracted Covid, the median age being 25.