Gaeilgeoir Andrew agus Ciara leave Grá ar an Trá

Gaeilgeoir Andrew agus Ciara leave Grá ar an Trá

The third couple exited the Love Teach as Virgin Media's Grá ar an Trá aired its semi-final episode of the inaugural season.

Following in Megan and Sean's footsteps, Gaeilgeoir Andrew agus Ciara have been eliminated from the Love Teach this week.


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While Cinnire Grá (Gráinne Seoige) did not have a comment on last night's elimination, Zach reacted to the situation, saying: "It’s a tough one to take. I lost one of my boys. Me and Andy got so close throughout this whole experience."

"I think I kinda knew this morning. It's my time [to leave]," Ciara said while reflecting on Gráinne's decision.

What happened in the Love Teach this week?


The episode unfolds with longing for ex-partners as freshly swapped couples, Waterford's Donal and Michelle, as well as Andrew and Ciara, struggle with adjusting to their new relationships.

Seeking solace, the couples head down to the beach where Andrew says that he considers his new partner Ciara as an ally, rather than a lover.

Femi and Saoirse shift the focus from external competition to internal growth, saying: "Competition is within ourselves and helps us learn Irish."

Traditionally, the winners of a challenge win a special date. This time, Donal and Michelle emerged victorious in a quiz about each other and won a very unique date.


They got a break from the love teach chaos and bonded during a relaxing seaweed bath on the coast of County Waterford.

Donal's plan moving forward involves getting to know Michelle better and showcasing a commitment to the evolving dynamics.

In a conversation with Cinnire Grá, Zach emphasized the growth between Talia and himself, saying Talia's knowledge of Gaeilge grew exponentially, just like the grá between them.

About Grá ar an Trá

Hosted by Gráinne Seoige (Cinnire Grá), alongside James Kavanagh and Síomha Ní Ruairc, the programme follows twelve singletons as they venture to the Waterford Gaeltacht in pursuit of romance, while also brushing up on their cúpla focal.

Balancing their time between flirting and foclóir, contestants strive to be crowned 'Couple with the most focail' and secure a €10,000 prize.

Airing for the fourth week, Grá ar an Trá has become the fan favourite.

Grá ar an Trá finale airs next Monday night on Virgin Media 2.

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