1 in 6 lovers use this kitchen utensil in the bedroom

1 in 6 lovers use this kitchen utensil in the bedroom
It seems couples have been getting creative with sex toys. Photo by Nataliya Vaitkevich for Pexels.

Looking for a way to spice things up in the bedroom? The answer may be found in the kitchen!

It seems couples have been getting creative with sex toys, as many forget to pack sexual accessories on their summer holidays.

Metro UK reports that about 16% of Brits have used a wooden spoon in the bedroom, and 1 in 10 have used a "makeshift" sex toy while away.

According to research published by the news outlet, 20% of couples surveyed had used a vegetable (which one though?) as a substitute for a sex toy, while 17% had used a shampoo bottle. Needless to say, neither of these household items would be recommended for sexual use!


Perhaps we need to overcome our fear of purchasing and packing an adult toy.

Sexual wellness brand LELO reports that almost 3 in 4 of us have never packed a sex toy in our suitcase, out of fear the toy would be found by security or would go off unexpectedly while travelling.


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But while we don't stuff our suitcases with sex accessories, it seems we do have more sex while we're away. Health brand Yoxly reports that a holiday can allow the "psychological space" needed to relax and embrace opportunities for intimacy, with many of us feeling less judgement around sexual activity when travelling.

"What lies at the centre of 'travel horniness' for me is the thrill of being someone else — a hotter, more adventurous and spontaneous version of myself," says Podcaster Sofiya Alexandra. Speaking to Inside Hook she said: "There's a reasons vacation sex is a thing; the reason is when you feel happy and fun, sex sounds like a no-brainer"


So embrace the holiday horn. But maybe don't use a carrot.

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