Disgusting reason why you should never drink coffee on a flight

Disgusting reason why you should never drink coffee on a flight
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Tea and coffee are almost always offered on flights nowadays (and almost always overpriced).

That's why one Tiktoker has created quite a stir by warning air passengers to never drink coffee brewed on an airplane.

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Kevin, (@ichbinvinn on Tiktok) is a flight attendant and has shared some "dirty little secrets of the industry," commenting on anonymous confessions made on a Reddit thread.


According to the Tiktok video, an airline pilot warned passengers to not drink coffee on board an airplane. He said that "the water tanks on airplanes are rarely, if ever cleaned, and they use this water to make coffee on board."

But according to flight attendant Kevin, it gets even worse than this, and the fact that the tanks rarely get cleaned should be the least of our concerns. According to Kevin, the coffee pots that are used to serve coffee to passengers  on board, are actually cleaned out in close proximity to....the airplane toilet.


Kevin says that "for whatever reason we're not supposed to empty coffee pots in drains, we're supposed to dump it down the toilet. So when you take a coffee pot , and you dump it in the toilet, in order to not make a huge mess everywhere you kind of have to get a little close to the toilet and I imagine there's some kind of back splash of particles, bacteria, whatever, that goes directly back into the coffee pot- which gets put right back into the coffee maker."



Kevin says that unless the airline you're flying with has an espresso maker on the plane, I would not get coffee on the plane. He also advised just getting a coffee at airport terminal instead before boarding. "You really need to get to the airport ten minutes earlier and buy a coffee in the terminal ," he said.

Duly noted. Coffee will never look the same again

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