New Tinder feature lets your friends and family recommend matches

New Tinder feature lets your friends and family recommend matches
A user checks the dating app Tinder on a mobile phone. Photo: Aamir Qureshi/AFP via Getty

Fed up of endlessly swiping on the apps?

Would you let your friend, or even your family, swipe for you instead?

A new feature is allowing Tinder users to share their selection process with others. The upcoming "Matchmaker" tool will enable you to invite your friends or relatives to view and suggest potential matches for you, even if they don't have a Tinder account.

The Tinder user can simply generate a unique link, and send this to up to 15 friends. For a 24 hour period these people will be able to view other profiles and suggest potential matches to the Tinder user. Once the "Matchmaker" session ends, Tinder users will be able to review their friends' recommendations and make a decision on whether to swipe left or right.



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The new feature is being welcomed by Tinder users, who are well used to showing their app to coupled pals. " For years singles have asked their friends to help find their next match on Tinder, and now we're making that so easy with Tinder Matchmaker," says Melissa Hobley, Tinder's Chief Marketing Officer.

Tinder users may well be used to handing their phone over to a curious pal or parent, and thankfully the new feature will not allow others to message on their behalf. " The power is still with the Tinder user, as only they can send likes" says Tanyel Mustafa of Metro UK. "And don't worry, Grandma won't see all of your past messages or 'use' your profiles in other ways."

Tinder Matchmaker is already available in the U.K., France and Germany and will be rolling out globally in coming months.

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