Wexford Photography Duo Talk Wedding Snaps

Wexford Photography Duo Talk Wedding Snaps

It's one of the most important parts of the wedding day so Shonagh caught up with Lee Robinson and Edyta Walkowska who run Wexford Photos. They are a duo who specialise in Wedding Photography and Lee told Shonagh what couples should be thinking about for their big day.

They also shared the following tips for anyone who is planning their big day at the moment.

The Do's


▪ Ensure that the quality of the photos is a good standard, ask your photographer are the images in high-resolution.

▪ Meet up in person, this always gives both the couple and the photographer(s) a real feel as to how they will get on together on the wedding day.

▪ Remember, the photographer(s) are there for the whole day on the most important day of your lives, so it’s important to get on well together.

▪ It’s important to see the photographer’s work prior to booking, i.e. different types of albums, style of photos, also packages and pricing. Ask about the turnaround time on your photos and album, there are many horror stories out there about couples waiting ‘years’ for their photos.


▪ Ensure you choose a very experienced makeup artist and hairdresser. This will really improve the overall look of your wedding photos.


The Don’ts

▪ There’s no need to give your photographer a list of the photos you want.  However, it is ok to send on a few suggestions of the type of photos you would like on the day.


▪ Don’t decide to have your family photos done at the hotel, this will decrease the amount of time you will have to enjoy your arrivals reception. Take advantage of having your family photos done immediately after the ceremony, whether it be on the church grounds or a chosen location on the way to the reception. Doing this ensures that family members are already together and in the one location and it typically only takes 15-20 minutes to have the photos done and dusted :-)

▪ Don’t get an inexperienced family friend to photograph your wedding, the day is very important, so don’t regret not booking a professional photographer. We have had various calls from couples who have made this mistake and have asked us if we can salvage any of the photos taken. There is no way of improving badly taken photographs.

▪ Don’t worry about how you will be in front of the camera, just be yourself and enjoy the day.

▪ If you’re big into your photographs don’t pick a venue that’s hours away from the church, this cuts the time dramatically for your couple and bridal party photo shoot.

▪ Don’t worry about bad weather .. as we all know the Irish weather is a bit of lottery .. if the weather is bad, professional photographers always have a backup plan and you will be surprised how good photos can turn out in bad weather conditions