Play Irish - Stephanie Rainey

Our Play Irish Artist of the Week on Beat Breakfast is Stephanie Rainey and her latest single 'No Cowboy'.

The song is taken from an impending EP set for release later in 2021. The young Cork songwriter has already packed a multitude of experience into a short career to date; from seeing her hit ‘Please Don’t Go’ take off internationally as the video went viral, to a deal with Warners and working regularly in the US.

‘No Cowboy’ reflects on misgivings with the music industry and the road to redemption that follows, as an artist picks herself back up and strives to play the game on her own terms. Produced by Ash Howes (One Direction, Ellie Goulding) and with a music video shot on a packed Hollywood Blvd, ‘No Cowboy’ is the first of four singles planned for 2021.


“Here I am,” Stephanie asserts, “ready and armed with more information and experience than ever before. I wasn’t prepared then but I am now. I’m out the other side of what was a very challenging time, and I wouldn’t change a second of the hurt or hardship given what I’ve learned in the process”

“My wish for the new songs,” remarks Stephanie, “is they find the ears that need them. If they do that I’ll be happy. All I have to offer the world is my version of my truth. To actually connect with what I’m saying I have to be honest. People will see through me if I don’t, and I’ll see through myself, which is worse.”