Kilkenny gardaí confirm two XL Bullys found unaccompanied

Kilkenny gardaí confirm two XL Bullys found unaccompanied
An XL bully dog, © PA Wire/PA Images

Gardaí in Kilkenny have confirmed that there is a growing trend of XL Bully dogs being abandoned.

It's after gardaí responded to calls that two XL Bullys were found wandering in Kilkenny unaccompanied.

Sharing the information on their social media, they confirmed that there is suspected rise in the trend of this particular dog breed being abandoned.

"With recent and indeed tragic news and publicity, the control of dogs is once again in the media both here and further afield.


"One possible by product of this is that many owners of restricted breeds including XL Bullys are surrendering them to shelters or in some cases 'dumping' them. This is illegal and indeed reprehensible."

The incident of the two XL bullies being found wandering in Castlecomer happened in the early hours of yesterday morning (Tuesday 18th).

Gardaí responded to the call and the Kilkenny dog warden assisted in apprehending the animals aswell as a warden from Dublin.

The wardens and gardaí managed to bring the animals to safety and to the care of the appropriate authorities.


Gardaí are appealing to dog owners to ensure they surrender their pets in the appropriate manner whereby protects the animal and members of the public.

"There are many legal obligations that come with Dog Ownership. These include microchipping, keeping under effective control in a public place, licensing, fouling and last but not least their welfare. These regulations are however supplemented by more for owners of restricted breeds. These animals must wear a muzzle in a public place and be under the control of someone 16 years or older, physically capable of controlling the animal and a lead of 6ft or less."

Gardaí in Kilkenny said that the two animals were not aggressive in any way and the circumstances of them being found wandering is being investigated.

In England and Wales, it is illegal to own an American Bully XL dog unless you have an exemption. From July 31st 2024, American Bully XL dogs will also be banned in Scotland.


While, new restrictions on XL Bully dogs are to come into force in Northern Ireland next month.

From July 5th 2024, it will remain legal to own an XL Bully type dog but owners must ensure their dog is muzzled and on a lead when in a public place.

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