Insomniac reveal Spider-Man 2 and Wolverine games for PS5

Insomniac reveal Spider-Man 2 and Wolverine games for PS5

Photo: Sony Playstation Ireland

In 2018, Insomniac released Marvel's Spider-Man game exclusively on the PS4.

The game is considered one of the best web-slinger games of all time, with many comparing it to the golden boy of Spidey games 'Spider-Man 2', released in 2004, to coincide with the sequel to the Tobey Maguire movies.

The game tells the story of Peter Parker, but many years after the Queens native got bitten by a radioactive spider and the death of Uncle Ben and well you know the rest.


PS4's Spider-Man takes around 20 hours to complete, it features Spidey battling some of his most famous villains including Vulture and Doc Ock, and of course the on and off complicated relationship of his ex-girlfriend Mary Jane Watson.


The game also features, Miles Morales, a young kid from Brooklyn, SPOILERS alert, he becomes Spider-Man, just like the character in the comics and the 2018 animated film Into The Spider-Verse.


Two years later, fans of the Insomniac game weren't left waiting to play another Spider-Man title, with Spider-Man: Miles Morales releasing along side the release of Sony's brand new Playstation 5 console.

A slightly shorter story, it centers on Miles taking on the mantle of the web-slinger, as Pete goes abroad on a vacation.

This left fans wondering, will they ever see the two team up in a co-op game?

And the answer is yes, but fans will have to wait until 2023 to play the new Spider-Man 2 superhero game on PS5.

Last night, a short teaser video revealed the title and the year the game is expected to release however, the video did not feature any gameplay but it does look like both Spider-Men will team up together.

Fans were left stunned, when one of Spidey's most famous villains appeared from the shadows, Venom.


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There's still plenty of time for more info on the game, with another Marvel Title on the way too.

Sony and Insomniac also revealed a short tease for the upcoming Wolverine game.

Little is known about the game, but if it's anything like the previous two superhero games produced by Insomniac, it's going to be epic!