Aoife from Carlow is our final Sound as a Pound recipient!

For the last three weeks we have been asking you the question - Do you know someone who is literally 'Sound as a Pound?'

A great workmate, team-mate, a super friend, or a mate who's just mad crack. Well, we wanted to know more!

Maybe it's someone who brings you a morning cuppa in the office, a friend who makes you belly laugh every time you see them, or a workmate like Vinny who always has a supply of Jaffa Cakes to hand!

You have been nominating in your droves over the past few weeks and it looks like there's a heap of sound people in the South East.


When we received this nomination we couldn't pass up on the opportunity for disabilities service worker Aoife O'Neill from Carlow to become our final Sound as a Pound recipient with Hartley People Recruitment!

Check out her nomination...

"I want to nominate my co-worker Aoife O Neill from Carlow. We work in Beam services in Bagnelstown supporting adults with intellectual disabilities. We have worked together for the past two years, and I can honestly say she makes my day every single day we are working together. She’s amazing at her job and she’s a fantastic friend to me and everyone she works with. She’s so kind, always making me tea and bringing me chocolates or salt and vinegar pringles! I’d be lost without her. Aoife would do anything for anyone. We’re so lucky to have her around and I couldn’t ask for a greater friend. She is without a doubt - sound as a pound! "