Paul Mescal responds to the 'Pheobe Bridgers' question

Paul Mescal responds to the 'Pheobe Bridgers' question
Paul Mescal, © PA Archive/PA Images

"The temptation still exists to be like, “Shut the f**k up. This is my life."

The actor Paul Mescal has sat down with Vanity Fair's David Canfield to answer questions about his Oscar nomination, his career, and of course, his relationship status.

"So to be direct, people are speculating about the status of your relationship," the journalist said to the 27-year-old Kildare native.

"I definitely feel the temptation to say the status of my whatever," Mescal replied. "But I don't think that's a wise thing to do."


Mescal explained he had made the mistake before of being too open about his personal life.

"When Normal People came out, I was very forthright in interviews, and it didn't actually serve me," he said. "But the temptation still exists to be like 'shut the f**k up. This is my life. This is what's going on. Or this is what's not going on. But giving strangers answers about my life doesn't actually help me," he said.

Mescal told Vanity Fair about his experience of "being spotted" and the effect it had on him. "The f***ing tabloids in the U.K. are like-they would literally try and catch you out," the actor said. He shared that he envies musicians, who he feels have more freedom with their celebrity status. "Who actually cares who's doing what and who they're doing it with? Who f***ing cares?" he said. "I'm jealous of musicians with that. I feel like musicians can be a little bit more like rock stars. They get away with it more."

Mescal was previously in a relationship with singer Phoebe Bridgers, who shared images of their intimacy on her Instagram account. The couple are rumoured to have split, following Bridgers's alleged new relationship with comedian Bo Burnham.