Stormzy is 'all out of ideas' looking for love

Stormzy is 'all out of ideas' looking for love
Credit: Wikimedia Commons

It seems even celebrities can have a tough time finding love.

Rapper Stormzy has said he is 'all out of ideas' when it comes to dating and is 'waiting for God' to present him with his next partner.

Speaking to Louis Theroux as part of a new BBC2 series, Stormzy, 28, explained that he wouldn't use apps like Tinder or Raya, and that the idea of taking a girl on a date rings 'alarm bells' for him:

"The idea of meeting a girl, and then, let's just go to get some food, that's alarm bells. Any time I've had a date we gotta go through the backdoor, at the restaurant, 'cause people are gonna blow up the flippin' poor girl's life. People in the restaurant wanna try film...and I always say that's not fair on the person I'm with."

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Theroux asked him why he wouldn't just 'work Tinder and have a night in, do Deliveroo and watch Netflix', but Stormzy explained that dating was still a strange concept to him:

"Even the idea of dating for me, it's a new thing. I didn't date before I met my ex, I wasn't out there dating."

Stormzy previously dated TV and Radio Presenter Maya Jama between 2016 and 2019. He has since been romantically linked to Victoria's Secret Model Yasmine Aisha Khalifa Holmgren and singer Alexandra Burke.