Taylor Swift's family history traced back to Ireland

Taylor Swift's family history traced back to Ireland

Taylor Swift's family history can be traced to Northern Ireland.

The EPIC Emigration Museum has published research connecting the singer with her great-great-great grandparents.

The singer (34) was born in Reading, Pennsylvania and grew up in nearby Wyomissing, until her family moved to a suburb of Nashville, Tennessee. But her Irish roots date back to the 1800s.

172 years before her hit single 'Love Story', on Saturday 11th of June 1836, two young people emigrated from Ireland to the USA.


Susan Davis and Francis Gwynn left Derry in the 1830s, boarding a ship in search of opportunities in the US.

They travelled with some friends, and sought a new life in Philadelphia.

Fiona O'Mahony, Head of the Irish Family History Centre, says they had six children and one ran a profitable business.

"They were highly successful in Philadelphia. Francis set up a soap manufacturing business and we know he was highly successful.


"In one of the censuses he says that he owns  $18,000 in property which is quite a lot in that time."

According to the findings of the EPIC Emigration Museum, the couple had six children. Ann, John, William, Francis, Joseph, and Mary.

Although sadly, five of those children predeceased Susan and Francis, they were survived by daughter Mary Gwynn, who is Taylor Swift’s great-great-grandmother.

Aileesh Carew, CEO of EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum says the findings are extraordinary.


“In tracing Taylor Swift’s roots back to 1836, EPIC exemplifies its vital role in preserving the rich tapestry of our past, ensuring that each individual thread contributes to the vibrant narrative of our collective history.

"As audiences prepare to witness Taylor’s performances in Ireland, we invite visitors to visit and experience the moving and unforgettable stories of those who left the island of Ireland, and how they influenced and shaped the world.”

Taylor Swift starts her tour in Dublin at the end of June.

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