7 tips that will guarantee a stress-free school week

7 tips that will guarantee a stress-free school week

It's yet another school morning. The kids are upset, their new PJ Masks pencil cases are nowhere to be seen, the house is a tip, and you just want another hour under the duvet.

But it could be so much easier than this...

By taking a few simple steps, you can ensure that the school week is as easy for your children as it is for you.

1. Limit screen time: Reduce screen timeΒ before bed. The blue light that tablets emit disrupts the body clock, making it harder to sleep. The result? Groggier kids in the morning who find it more difficult to concentrate in the classroom.


2. Take the family on a cultural trip: Bringing the fam on aΒ fun interactive cultural trip to the likes of Kilkenny Castle, The Rock of Cashel or even Treasures of Medieval Waterford over the weekend can bring those boring old school books to life.

3. Encourage reading: Introduce books on the topics they love to promote a healthy attitude towards reading. Reading at home doesn't have to mean homework.


4. Talk about a timetable:Β Chat about a morning timetable with your little ones so that school mornings don't shock the system. Stick it up on the fridge as a reminder of the key times they should stick to.

5. Stay cool, calm and collected:


If you stress, the kids will stress. If you take it all in stride, so will they. Everyone deals with everything differently.

6. You are what you eat: Returning to school can take its toll on the body, so why not introduce Avonmore Super Milk? With added Vitamin D, it's a fantastic way to ensure that the whole family gets what they need for strong and healthy bones.

7. Be Prepared: Don't leave it until 11pm to pack everything away. Even check-list everything you and your kids need the night before if you have some spare time at the end of your hectic day.

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