Mary Luker is our Ibiza Uncovered Winner!

Mary Luker is our Ibiza Uncovered winner!

Mary and her son Josh from Dungarvan took home the prize after a nail-biting final live at Beat HQ where we asked the two mammies, Mary Luker and Helen Walsh, how much they knew about their kids.

If you missed the winning mother's story you can read it below!


When I was 18 myself and my now husband Martin went on our first foreign holiday together to Gran Canaria.  We got an apartment on the ground floor so we could enter from the sliding doors that led out to the pool area as well as the front door. We dropped our bags and headed straight off down the strip to explore!!!

Several hours and many drinks later we wobbled back to our apartment and entered via the sliding door having previously tried to open the sliding door in the one next to ours in error. We both stripped off to the bone. I mean the heat was unreal sure. We slept on top of the sheets, and we fell into bed. Him on the inside, me on the outside of the bed. The next morning when I woke, I was in the middle of the bed as I woke up and stared straight into the eyes of another fella asleep in the bed beside me. FULLY CLOTHED! He was just lying there snoring away on the outside of the bed, I was in the middle and Martin in the inside snoring away as well. I’ll never forget that moment as long as I live - my heart was pounding, I was afraid to move in the bed as I was in the nip like completely naked and I couldn't even pull the sheets up around me as we were lying on them. I nudged Martin with my leg a few times until he woke, and I remember my exact words were ‘Martin there's another fella in the bed with us’ and he was like ‘What??’ Instead of trying to get a sheet to cover me and then a stick in case your man was dangerous he hopped out of the bed straight away and went to put on his own pants.

While he covered himself up, he went over then and woke him up. I’ll never forget that chaps face either when he woke and saw us, he literally got up and ran straight out the door while I was trying to pull a sheet around me to cover myself up. So to wrap it up, after speaking with our rep and reception he was staying in the apartment block opposite us. He came in our sliding door instead of his own which we had never locked and got into bed beside us, and we all slept away for the night none the wiser. Wait for it, he was Irish too -red curly hair face full of freckles - you couldn't make it up.

About Josh 

Josh deserves this holiday so much. He has turned out to be a fine young man and we couldn't be prouder of him. He’s quiet by nature with a really big heart and he is an amazing big brother to his sister Aimee and little brother Jack. Like all his age his had a tough few years with Covid 19, and it’s been a stressful few months for him, his just completed his Leaving and is hoping to go to MTU in cork and study creative digital and media in September. He has missed out on so much - his 18th birthday was in lockdown and he missed his graduation and his debs, so many miles stones. He has never once complained.


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