Sneaky trick to find out if your partner is cheating

Sneaky trick to find out if your partner is cheating

A trick to discover if your partner has been cheating has been shared on a Facebook forum.

One woman suspected that her partner had been meeting his ex, but had no proof, and asked for advice.

She was advised to use a technical trick to discover who he has been messaging on his iPhone.

"Go to his messages, click to type a new text message and type "." All the numbers he has recently texted will pop up", one woman commented.


This trick does work, but only on iphones. Typing a full stop into the recipient box in the messages app will bring up a list of previous recipients, even if their messages have been deleted.

The Daily Mail also recently interviewed a psychologist regarding cheating, and found the following to be the top signs a partner has been unfaithful:

1. They are playing new music

2. The passenger seat has been adjusted


3. More mileage on the car than there should be

4. Being protective of phone, social media or email

5. Dramatic change in sex drive

6. Decline in communication


7. New clothes and underwear

8. Change in personality

9. They want to do their own laundry

10. They start using new phrases

11. They're spending more money

12. You catch them not wearing their wedding ring