What's best about being 17!

What's best about being 17!

Unless you've been living under a rock for the day, you've probably heard that we're celebrating our seventeenth birthday today!

Yep, that's right, it's seventeen years to the day since we began belting out your favourite tunes.

All of this birthday craic has got us talking. Seventeen: neither a fully-fledged adult nor a teenybopper - it's a bit of an awkward age, isn't it?

But we think there's a fair bit of merit to being seventeen...


You Can Officially Drive

Is there a better (or more terrifying) feeling sitting in the driver's seat of your parents' car as they patiently show you how to drive? Ehh, yeah! Heading off with your mates (and that one lad who has their full licence, of course) on your first road trip!

Your First Debs


Will we ever forget the nerves of asking someone to the debs? In fairness, it was so worth it when you think of the craic you had in that comically oversized all-black rental suit. Shtyle.

A CrossroadsΒ 

With the Leaving Cert and CAO forms looming ever closer the decisions you make at 17 could possibly influence your entire life. It's the first time you can really stand up on your own two feet and make a huge decision as an adult.


A Change In Tone

Seventeen seems to be the age when people actually start talking to you as an adult. We're just not sure if that's a good or bad thing?!!

You'll Never Be As Clever

You might think you know it all at 17, but you might have a point. Scientists say that the brain can absorb and retain more information at 17 than at any other age! Handy that the Leaving Cert is around that age, isn't it?