Where to holiday to get the most out of your money

Where to holiday to get the most out of your money
Image: Croatia Jocelyn Erskinekellie Pexels

As travel restrictions have almost disappeared, holidays are becoming more expensive, with most of us attempting to make up for lost time over the pandemic.

Choosing your holiday destination on a budget can be tricky, so we have listed some of the most cost-friendly travel destinations below.


Croatia uses the kuna, with 1 euro equal to approximately 7.5 kuna. A local beer will cost as little as €1.20, while a meal in a cheap restaurant can be as little as €7. To save more when visiting Croatia, avoid tourist-centric spots like Dubrovnik and Split, and opt for backpacker favourites like Zadar or the capital, Zagreb.



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2. Turkey

Local currency (Turkish lira) is weaker than Euro, with 1 euro equating to approximately 20 lira. Meals in restaurants average €5-10, and accommodation can cost anywhere between €25 and €150 per night, ranging from basic to luxury. The average holidaymaker here will spend just €45 per day, making Turkey one of the cheapest destinations for those chasing the sun.  Be warned, however; Turkish traders will aim to capitalise on your euro, and you'll have to haggle for some goods and services.

3. Slovenia

As with the above, your costs in Slovenia will depend on your travel style, but it is possible to spend as little as €55 per day visiting this Eastern European gem. Prices for an AirBnB will be higher in tourist hotspots like Llubljana and Bled, but you can still get a beautiful flat to yourself in the capital for as little as €70 per night. Unfortunately, a small tourist tax of approximately €3 per night applies to stays in Ljubljana, but even with that, it's a cheaper option than most capitals, and secondary cities like Maribor and Ptuj are even less expensive to visit.



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4. Albania

Albania is beginning to get noticed as an optimum travel destination, with some travel bloggers citing the coast, in particular, as a hidden gem. A double room in a hotel is approximately €42, and a meal out can range from €4-10. On average you will spend less in Albania than in other Balkan countries such as Croatia, Montenegro and Greece. Travel experts recommend visiting it sooner rather than later, as in time it will become a more well-known sun destination, and prices will rise, as had happened with Greece in recent decades.

5. Bulgaria

Whether for sun or ski holidays, Bulgaria is still a budget-friendly option, with a 2-bed Airbnb in Sofia costing less than €45 per night. A luxury hotel is more affordable here than in other European centres, and even the most upmarket restaurant will rarely have a main course listed for more than €15. Cultural activities such as walking or wine tours can cost just €10 per person and you could even get the best seats at a concert for just €25 or so.

Tips to cut the costs of your trip

If you are looking to travel as cheaply as possible try the following:

-Stay in free* accommodation by house-sitting, using home exchange sites or couch-surfing.

-Avoid capital cities and tourist traps-if you're willing to go off the beaten track you'll get more bang for your buck.

-Go outside the Eurozone-some countries that don't use the Euro (e.g. Czech Republic, Poland and Bulgaria) have weaker local currencies and offer more value for your Euro.

-Go self catering-if you don't mind cooking your own eggs for brekkie, and packing a sandwich for lunch, you'll cut your daily spend in half.