Sportsbeat Funnies - A South East Unicycle team?

Sportsbeat Funnies - A South East Unicycle team?

Unicycle Polo...

Probably one of the funniest & bizarre sports to watch, it's like something out of a bad some game after a night out. Basically, imagine the refined sport of horse polo and replace the horses with off balanced one wheeled cycles. The sport has the exact same rules as polo but obviously is a lot harder, naturally. The objective is to strike the ball into the opponent’s goal with the wooden mallet while maintaining balance on the cycle. It's something definitely worth watching especially if someone is in a bad mood. It will bring a smile to their face within a few minutes, guaranteed by the participants of the sport.

A team is composed of five players (plus substitutes), but there is no dedicated goalkeeper role (although one player usually stays back in that position)
The governing body for unicycle hockey is the International Unicycling Federation which publishes the rules for all unicycle sports. The most recent set of rules for unicycle hockey was published last year.
The court used is between 35 and 45 metres in length, and 20 to 25 metres wide. It should have either bevelled or rounded corners, and barriers on all sides. The goals are also set back from the end walls so that players can go behind them, similarly to ice hockey.
There are three national unicycle hockey leagues: Australia, with 8 teams in 2016; Germany, with 53 teams; Switzerland, with approximately 20 teams
In addition to these leagues, there are clubs and teams in other countries, including England, France, Denmark, Sweden, Hong Kong, Singapore and Korea.

So, does anyone fancy setting up a team for the South East?